I have 12 prints and a ton of stickers from deadbinky!! I love her art very much and try to support her at any chance I get. I highly recommend ordering some prints or stickers (or both!!) from her shop, her art is wonderful and so awesome to have hanging on the walls!

Raven Roe

I have multiple pieces of hers. She is a national treasure. I have requested multiple commission pieces and she always does immaculate work. Her stuff is my fav. She did our team logo, some wooden boxes and I just ordered a print. This in in addition to her other stuff. I have 2 spirit boards and necklaces. The list goes on. Her work makes me happy and that says something.

Ashley Warner

I own two T-shirts by deadbinky and they’re both AMAZING. Super soft. Super cute. My husband and I fight over the unisex shirt.

Sarah Beth Timmons

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